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Ours is the name worth trusting if you seek to avail Minerals & Refractories, Ferro Chrome Alloys, Basic Ramming Mass, Silica Ramming Mass, Silica Ramming Mix and much more...

About Us

We are, Raghav Productivity Enhancers Ltd., a company whose manner of business operations and quality of product is appreciated by clients worldwide. We have eminently engaged ourselves in serving the finest quality Ramming Mass Mineral Like Silica Ramming Mass, Silica Ramming Mix.

Our Infrastructure

We are proud to state ourselves as one of the most trusted and praiseworthy companies of this domain because of our premises. This infrastructure of our company is simply an element that has made us a premier Ramming Mass manufacturer. This facility of ours is spacious, and it is divided and separated in various parts of Rajasthan. The manufacturing units of our company are built in Newai & Kaladera of (Rajasthan) and are respectively specialized in manufacturing of Quartz Powder (Ramming mass).

Our facilities are developed in a manner to produce 72000 Tonnes and 15000 Metric Tonnes respectively. The plant of our company which is based in Newai is built across 32000 Sq. Mt., and the other manufacturing facility in Kaladera is sprawling across 1863 Sq. Mt. 

Our manufacturing plants are located on the land which are richest quality quartz mining area of Rajasthan. This location is the main factor behind our capability of offering premium quality Dry Neutral Ramming Mass, Non Ferrous Metal Alloys, Dolomite, and much more. 

The manufacturing facility we are backed is installed with highly advanced machines, which are utilized by adroit experts owing to which overall 1,44,000 tons per annum is manufactured. From here, we are able to offer around 100 big capacity steel plants not only to India, but also to countries like South-East Asia, Middle-East, and Africa.

Our Quality

The success of our company is a result of our continuous efforts at offering premium quality products. To offer the best we start from the basic, which is to use the finest quality raw materials. The department of research and analysis help us in maintaining our standard of products as per global norms.

Adherence to such policies and regulation help us in catering our products which have 25 to 50% extra lining life in induction furnaces. Such abidance to norms leads us toward producing premium quality products at a speed unmatched by any other company. And the same has led us toward attaining ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications. Some reasons are mentioned below that make us emphasis more sincerely on our product quality:

1) Good quality product help in attracting customers
2) Quality gives us motivation to step in new markets
3) Our product quality justifies every commitment we make
4) Research & Development

We are a premier company because we always emphasized on research and development so that we can offer improved products at more reasonable rates. By continuously studying the markets we learn that how to cater and why to cater what the customers accept and praise the most. 

Our Professionals & Their Belief

The individuals who operate and guide us, are always focused on doing the best for our company. They always put in great efforts to make us achieve greater heights because they know that our success is their success.

Our customers trust us without a doubt because we are a company which has marveled at supporting the customers in best possible manner. Customers rely on our company without a doubt because we as a manufacturer and exporter never do anything to disappoint them in any aspect. Our excellency is determined by the persistent hard work, which we have been putting in our work since 2009 at offering White Silica Sand, Casting Powder, Metal Products, Quartz Silica Ramming Mass, Lime, Magnesite Ramming Mass, White Premix Ramming Mass and much more. 

A group of product analysts is operational for our company who are always besting at their respective roles. We remain conscious about our business roles, and promise that everything we do, one way or the other, positively impacts our clients. 


Some of the clients are mentioned below, with whom we are proud to make relations for continuously offering Packed Ramming Mass, Silica Ramming Mixes and much more:

1) R.L. Steel
2) Mahalakshmi TMT Pvt. Ltd.
Varsana SPA Pvt. Ltd.
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