Ramming Mass
Offered in white powder form, Ramming Masses are known for their unique mechanical attributes and good refractory characteristics. These are useful to avoid lining crack of refractories during continuous casting of metal.
Refractories Product
Refractory Products are acknowledged for their precise design and accurate composition. These possess excellent thermal and acoustic attributes. Offered in granular, powder, board and sheet forms, these are completely heat proof.
Quartz Minerals

quartz minerals are the chemical compounds that have the crystalline or powder form. They are rock like structures that are used for versatile applications. The minerals have silicon compounds.

Silica Powder

Silica powder is silicon dioxide that is a light colored powder just like a dry toothpaste. The powders are used for versatile purposes like in paints, cosmetics, and even in culinary sector.

Industrial Minerals

Industrial minerals are essential minerals that are abundantly demanded in the industries of paint, pharmaceutical, washing materials, and many others. The minerals are of optimum quality. 

Silica Sand

The silica sand is a kind of refractory mineral that is used for the industrial purpose. It is used for making the paste for the flooring, cements. Also used for ceramics. Obtained by the quartz minerals.

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