Silica Powder

The company is essentially providing the silica powders in bulk quantity. The powders are basically the light colored powder which resembles the look of a dry toothpaste and thus, also used in the manufacturing of the toothpastes. There are numerable applications due to the which this collection of powders is being demanded. The offered silica powders are used in the paint/ coating, industries, in culinary and beverage sector too, these are demanded abundantly. The bone strengthening properties make them suitable for making the bone diseases medications. The silica helps in regulating the calcium flow, which is the main reason for the disbalanced and weaker bones.

Glass Grade Silica Sand

High Quality Quartz Powder

Silica Powder

Quartz Crystal

The company is actively engaged in supplying the best quality quartz crystal to the clients. The crystal is impressively attractive in the appearance. The crystal has the distinct spiritual properties that make it demandable. The saints many times recommend the association of this crustal for getting positive energies nearby. The quartz has the ability to build professional and romantic relationships. The quartz crystal can also be kept while meditating for minimizing the bad and negative vibes in the room.



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